Can you Survive the Dark Ages?

Survive the Dark Ages is the game that challenges you to build a thriving kingdom in a dark and challenging world

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A free fast paced singleplayer game with no registration required


A Multiplayer Game with an Interactive Map

Manage your settlements and lands with the interactive world map with plenty of options and important decisions to make.

Team up with other players to form kingdoms.

Personalise your character name, settlement, and even your kingdom.

You can play the Singleplayer version without registering now. Or register below to join the multiplayer version with a map of territories to fight over and kingdoms made up of players from around the world.


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Reasons to play Survive the Dark Ages:

  • It's Free to play - It's easy to set up your account and start playing right away.
  • Regular updates - New features being added all the time.
  • Join a community of players - We have lots of ways for you to share your opinions on how the game should develop.


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Survive the Dark Ages